18 Dec 2012

Five things - That happen often in toddlerville

She Plays Me
I went out for a curry with the NCT mums and mentioned that bubba seems to play me every single day. Most nodded with empathy. At the moment it's all about food, she doesn't want what I give her then an hour later (I'm a build it and they shall come type of mum, I basically leave the food in view hoping she will eventually get worn down) she eats every mouthful! She is also a yoghurt monster, she chants it at me as I try and convince her to eat the food I've spent ages preparing. I lose the fight most days.

Eating food previously shunned

Testing Boundaries
I'm surprised and amazed every day and not always in a good way. She is brilliant in so many ways, I wasn't ready for how quickly they learn things and how much she understands. One smart cookie, she talks all the time and is a cheeky, funny little person. But we have days she manages to push a button I wasn't aware was pushable...and it gets me!

It's a massive competition!
We all say its isn't and that we are happy when another child can count to 100 at 18 months and your child is just gurgling in the corner. I'm happy for said mother but it also makes me panic that there is something i should have said or done so my baby can count to 100. I have the same feeling when I meet mothers of 'sleeping through the night' babies. What am I missing, what should I have known?

"Do the right thing!"
My brother used to say this to my gorgeous nieces when they were toddlers. I used to find it funny. Now I say it to bubba when she is decimating the Christmas tree or climbing on something she shouldn't and looks at me to get a reaction. As a mother it's difficult to do the right thing all the time, or know whether there is a right thing to do. sometimes we watch too much tv or eat dinner on the move (literally she is walking around) or I let her climb in slightly dubious conditions. As for the tree, I've given up stopping her...as long as she makes it without too many scrapes or square eyes then I'll have succeeded I guess.

I would Move mountains
Bubba still has a dislike of going to nursery. She will cry on the route there and clings onto me like a limpet and has to be prised off by the nursery teacher. She cries with relief when I pick her up and we have this ritual twice a week (for over 6 months). A bit of my soul shrivels each week when i first have to take her and I call it black Wednesday. I now hate Wednesdays. It takes every part of my self control not to rush back in the room and take my baby away and cuddle her better. I don't like upsetting my girl because I want her to be full of joy always as she deserves it. i know that isnt realistic but I would do anything for the toddler who has destroyed my sleep for so long now. Who knew!

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