15 Dec 2012

Homemade cookie mix in a jar

I love Christmas (more the idea of it) but find it very stressful in practice, I'm not keen on getting presents at the last minute and fighting crowds to the last furby on the shelf. I find buying gifts stressful, it's all to do with not knowing whether I've got the right thing, in the right colour etc. Each year I vow that next year I will give homemade presents but I never quite get around to it. That is until now!

I love Pinterest and its addictive nature means I'm often pinning craft things to do and make. Seriously there are some talented people out there who make amazing things. This year we've had a few hiccups in our family which has taken up a lot of my time so I decided to start small and see how well my homemade gifts are received. There were lots of cookie mixes or hot chocolate mixes on Pinterest which I love the idea of and would like to receive one myself.

I have lovely nieces who are all into baking at the moment and a few friends with little ones of cooking age so thought they'd be ideal. I picked up some jars from Ikea and a pack of Christmas cookie cutters from TK Maxx and found a Christmas cookie mix recipe from the Sainsbury magazine. The dry ingredients had to be sieved three times and then put in the jars and they look lovely finished. I do hope the recipients like them (& don't read this post as the surprise will be spoilt.

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