7 Dec 2012

Memory Book Moments - 21 Months

I can't quite believe my little baby is now a fully fledged toddler who has so much energy and seems to get louder and braver by the day.

Stars and buses seem to have overtaken your duck obsession. If we drive past a bus you exclaim loudly 'A BUS!' as if you've never seen one before and you do this for EVERY bus you see which going down the high-street can be several at a time.

You are very affectionate, blowing kisses and coming for cuddles. You like blowing kisses to strangers and in our ballet class and at parties you love nothing more than chasing a big girl around trying to give her a cuddle and kiss.

Sleep is better but worse! We've had long stints of you sleeping through the night which is good but then when you have a bad night it's a real shock to our systems. You now just call out mumma over and over without pausing for breath in the middle of the night. It gets me every time.

Garg is your go to man. Often you pick up the phone as say 'garga?' And then randomly press all the buttons. Whenever we are out and you see a man that vaguely looks like grandad, you will say 'Garga?' and when I bundle you into the car to go nursery, you hopefully say 'nana and gargas?'

Your daredevil streak is getting more pronounced. You love nothing more than standing on things and climbing on sofas. Even if you fall and hurt yourself you get straight back up and do it again. I think this is a great (if a little scary for mummy) trait that you keep on getting back up.

You have started to string sentences together such as 'blue car, go?' Asking if we are going out today and 'these mama boots'. All very cute and brilliant if you ask me.

Sharing is a big thing for you, whenever you get given food when we are out (especially biscuits) you will make sure everyone else has one as well as you. If given it first, you will offer it to garga (grandad) or whomever else is there, it's very sweet. I'm not sure what you'd do if we took you up on it but at least you offer things to us.

You've started eating cheese again (this used to be a big love of yours) and you are always willing to try something new. But you also are fairly particular on what you will or will not eat at the moment, you aren't really a fussy eater but it's more of a willful decision you are making and testing the boundaries. As long as you try things I'm trying to be calm and happy that you've at least had a go, regardless of whether you end up eating much!
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