1 Dec 2012

We are going potty

So on our weekend trip to Ikea we got one of these...
We aren't planning on potty training just yet because Bubba is only 20 months and I feel it's a little early and will be easier when her levels of communication are better to be able to tell me properly when she needs the toilet. I just got one because I saw it and thought we could put it in the cupboard (or put dolly on it so she gets used to it) until she was ready. She is already becoming more aware and often grabs her nappy when she has been to the toilet and says 'poo' regardless of whether it is a poo or not.

But then this happened...
And since then she has become more nappy grabby and actually goes and gets the potty and sits (fully clothed) on it when she has been. We haven't shown her what to do or the whole process, she has just taken it upon herself. I really hope she isn't completely ready yet because I'm not, I don't want to be running for the nearest toilets or pulling the car over and hanging her over the curb...not just yet!

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