21 Jan 2013

Easy Meal - Parmesan Chicken Escalopes

I recently wrote my resolutions and included my hope to cook a different meal each week and I've been keeping it up. It may not be new ingredients but just a different way of using them.

Last week I've tried these escalopes (I've escaloped before but not with this type of crust). It went down well with us, I have put the recipe for a single chicken breast so it can be doubled:

1 chicken breast
50g Parmesan (we used gran padana)
Breadcrumbs from a slice of bread
Salt and pepper to taste
1tsp chilli powder (optional)
1tsp smoked paprika (optional)
1 egg beaten
2tbsp flour

In bowl mix breadcrumbs, cheese, spices and salt/pepper

Put the chicken into a sandwich bag (or clingfilm) and flatten with rolling pin until about 1/2 cm.

Then dip the chicken pieces into the flour, then into the egg and then the breadcrumb mix.

Fry in a pan each side until golden and fully cooked.

Enjoy (we had it with roasted vegetables and small potatoes roasted in their skins.

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