25 Nov 2016

Five Things - Bubba should know about me

I love reading back old entries and this is an update with a deeper explanation of my reasons....

I found this lovely idea on Pinterest and it inspired me (although a lot of the ideas were for about 20 things she should know). I hope to do these every few months so that there is a good list of bite size 'things she should know' because I may not get a chance to impart my wisdom (or forget what's important at a particular time). So here goes...

What qualities I love most about her dad
It's mainly his ability to get on with anyone (much to my annoyance sometimes). Every one who comes away from meeting him says how nice he is. I'd love that to be me, how cool to leave that impression. Also his ability to be as silly as me and make me laugh. He also is often unflappable (apart from on our wedding day when he even checked his dads first name!) and he treats Bubba with love and respect. They make the greatest team.

A country/place that stole my heart
This for me will always be New York. I'm not really sure why but its the one place I yearn to go back to often. Somthing about the tall buildings, pace of life and smell of posibility in the air. I've been with my friends and keep nagging Hubby to go back with me at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. My newer love is Scotland because so many magical memories have been made there in the last few years, I really am looking forward to taking Bubba on the overnight train and to run wild in the countryside. Edinburgh is where my hubby proposed and we also had our honeymoon there, it's magical and I love it in the snow the most.

My biggest achievements...
Getting my degree in English literature whilst working full time. I passed up the opportunity of going to university (fell in love with a boy and didn't want to leave) and I wished I had gone somewhere new and met more people....the boy - well he dumped me for another girl a few years later so not worth the effort! I'd encourage bubba to study and spread her wings...travel, experience life where ever she could....even if it means I'll worry more and miss her too much.

Becoming a mum. Is undoubtedly an incredible thing that shouldn't be taken for granted, some people are lucky enough to experience it and some aren't. I'll never stop counting my blessings, however much I moan about not getting enough sleep these days

Things guaranteed to make me laugh
Her dad. Silliness, I love a bit of simple humour and wit. We often dance around the house or jump on the spot...music is amazing for altering your mood. I like that I can surprise people - bubba often looks at me like I'm a little bit mental. It's a good thing. Bubba is also someone who can make me laugh in any situation, as she gets older, she gets funnier. Slapstick comedy is funny and I don't like anything too complex or rude.

An important thing in my life
This would be words, words can take you to other places in books. Words spoken can make you fall in love or fall apart. Words are my magic, I'm interested how they are formed, how they are used and the power they have. It's also the words left unsaid or misunderstood that fascinate me. Books are the best, the smell, the feel of them in your hands, the joy of realising that you are venturing into someone else's brain an amazing made up world. Sometimes the most shocking is the words used in truth but these are always the ones that tell you the most about other people. I love reading this blog back and remembering because motherhood is exhausting, exhilarating and gone all too soon.

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