23 Jan 2013

Memory Book Moments - 22 Months

Moments and memories are changing and forming all the time now with Bubba, she seems to be growing up in every way, every day. Her sense of humour is getting stronger and so is her determination, she is certainly a girl who knows what she wants!

She is getting good with colours, her favourites are purple, blue and yellow (lello). She says and points them out at every opportunity, wherever we are. She likes to count but only says one, two and nine!

Other new words: tortoise, giraffe (although this is raffe at moment), snow (which there is a lot if at the moment) and she is stringing sentences together which is very cute.

Climbing climbing climbing...she stands on my feet whenever she can and anything else that she can. Her new favourite place to be is standing on the sofa (after having chucked all the cushions and large back cushions off). She then proceeds to shout loudly that she is 'stuck' whilst lying down and rolling around.

Roll play is making an appearance, bubba will make tea from her pretend tea pot and pretends to go 'shops'. She will make her happy people climb stairs (bit obsessed with stairs) and fly. She also likes to label things as 'mamma', 'dadda' & 'babies' and this can be any object, person or piece of food (big things are Dadda, very small things 'babies' and always plural, mamma's are anything in between.

She now likes to take toys up stairs at bedtime and I have had to fish out of her cot various bits of duplo, happy people, ducks from the bathroom and she now likes to sleep alongside a toy monkey. All very cute

Fighting sleep more and more and if you ask her now if she wants to go to sleep, her immediate answer is "no". We have the final four back teeth causing havoc with a fair bit of waking up in night and this has been taking its toll on all of us (teeth are yet to appear). I'm very jubilant when she has slept a whole night now and hope they become a regular feature again.

She has started to sulk a little and will take herself off to a corner and pout. Tantrums are at the moment few and far between but she does seem to get more frustrated with things so I'm sure they aren't far off.

A sulk in progress

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