3 Jan 2013


Although bubba is too young to understand, I think it's important for her to acknowledge (in writing) how thankful she is for the wonderful gifts she receives as she gets older.

So this year I decided she could help me decorate the cards (as she can't really write them just yet). As I established when we sat down before Christmas, she isn't yet into crafts and would rather stand on a chair, walk around with paint or just wander off. So I wanted to keep it simple and quick so that she didn't loose interest too quickly.

I printed off some words and carefully cut out the lettering with the thought that we could paint over them like a stencil. I started with stars and it all got a bit messy and so we switched to just stamping with some small square craft stamps.

It worked well and she seemed to like the novelty of it, until instead of stamping the lettering, she started doing hand and finger stamping over all the place. In the end I gave up and let her embrace it, I guess it makes them more personal!

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