7 Jan 2013

We Resolve

Just to start off, I'm a great lover of lists but not really a fan of new year resolutions because for me they just never last so its pointless really. I don't usually make it into February with the new 'me' ideas. I've held off posting this because everyone seems to be doing it but equally this is an blog for me to look back on and I need reminders so sorry if it's a bit boring!

So back to my love of lists, this ties nicely into a list of things I'd like our family to do this year (and just as an extra caveat, I started this list before the new year). They are fairly simple things and probably things we should be doing anyway and a few (like going to bed early and reading more books) are more for the Hubby and I.

2013 family resolutions

Go to bed earlier
This is a must for me especially as I'm less able to cope with the early mornings and middle of the night wake ups the more they happen. I generally cope better and can tolerate more if I have had at least seven hours sleep so early to bed and early to rise will make me a nicer person to be around.
Cook something 'new' each week
We are generally  good at cooking from scratch but we have recently been getting a bit slack on coming up with new recipes for all of us. So each week I plan to dig out my recipe books and cook something (perhaps not new ingredients) a different way. Watch out Instagram for my new creations.
Read more books
I hoping that if I go to bed earlier then I can get a bit of reading done because it seems the only time I get a bit of peace and quiet. I have a pile of unread books that wave at me from the bedside cabinet and I see more books I want all the time and have to restrain myself.
More photos of us together
I take loads of photo's of Bubba and Bubba and Hubby but I'm always behind the camera and I'd love more photo's of Bubba and I together. So I'm going to start to try and use the timer on my camera to capture some funny moments of us girls.
Visit more of Kent
We live in Kent and don't seem to go further afield. There are a few national trust property's we would like to visit and we are toying with the idea of membership, I also like seasides and Whitstable isn't too far so it would be good to get out more.

Go to Peppa pig world
Bubba is addicted to Peppa and I know she would love going to see Peppa in person so I've decided that we should visit. So hopefully we will get there this year.
So as you see, not really ground breaking but still they are things that would make a difference to our little world. 

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