2 Feb 2013

Five things - I do all the time

I often come over all woe is me and feel rather put upon and left out and like to moan about things (my husband would say I do this all the time)! So below are the things I find myself doing when I don't feel I've had enough time to myself.

Fantasise about time I haven't got
In my mind I would be sitting with a hot and very large tea in a cafe and reading my book, on my own, not that I really did this before bubba arrived. It's just having the option isn't it. On the flipside I fantasise that I don't have to do washing, getting up early and rushing to get out the door...these things will never happen.

Worry she has some illness or other
At first sign of a sniffle, I've already diagnosed her with some yucky sounding disease. I then take the worry one stage further and wonder if sleep is ever going to happen.ever.again. 

Roll my eyes and tut
What is that all about! I have never been an eye roller but now it seems I am! Bubba just looks at me and laughs and then carries on with what she was doing.

I self medicate with cakes
No explanation required. Bubba now also shouts for cake at various times during the day (sadly we never seem to have any in the house).

Act like a packhorse
Bubba now likes to take stuff out with her and I end up carrying it. This week I have had to carry three juggling balls in a nappy bag (I know, weird!), two happyland fairies, three ducks, her bedtime monkey (who is huge). She also tried to take out her shopping trolley the other day, I said no!

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