28 Feb 2013

Growing and teaching

Quotes are something that I love and recently I've really been thinking about what motherhood means to me. In the past I've responded to some of Bubba's changes with dismay, I've even been heard to say 'but I don't want her to grow up!' Really I do, it's just difficult to let go and once I'm used to the change I'm really excited for the next change.

Two quotes have been rolling around in my head lately and made think again about what I expect from Bubba and what my role is in her life. They've helped me to stop when she's being a little pickle and look at the big picture. She is going to grow up and she is just trying to be who she is and nothing (at the moment) that she does is intended to hurt or annoy me.

"It's our job to teach them how to be without us. It's hard but right from the start, we are preparing our children for a time they'll eventually leave us"
Nadia Sawalha

"A person's a person, no matter how small."
 Dr. Seuss

I spend so long worrying about how guilty I feel leaving her at nursery and how she isn't eating much of anything at the moment. I've started to realise that I'm only here to guide her, ultimately she will leave me (although my mum hasn't been able to shake me off and still gets bothered by me several times a day) and she will make her own choices in life. I'll just be the mother who is following her around anxiously watching as she makes her way in the world.

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