13 Feb 2013


I often listen for you of an evening, those soft snuffly breaths reaching me through the monitor

I creep into your room and listen to make sure you are still ok when i go to bed. A deep restful breathing that calms me

I listen to you telling me what I need to do and I'm amazed at your grasp of language

Your giggles fill my heart and I will never tire of listening to you having fun

I roll over in the morning and try to get some more sleep and not listen to you singing and talking to your toys

I hear you calling out for me in the night and listen to what sort of cry you are having. Go back to sleep, I need a cuddle, I'm bored. I hear them all

I understand more and more of what you need but I still listen when you get frustrated when I don't understand you

The most special word I hear is 'Mumma' and I'll never get bored of listening to your voice 

I keep a silent vigil when you are unwell and listen in case you want a cuddle

I'll always be here to listen to your fears, frustrations, fun and adventure.

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