20 Feb 2013

Our day in Photographs

Before I started blogging I took a few photos a day but now it's through the roof on what I find interesting to take photos of and the silly situations I let Bubba get in before I put down the camera (or phone) and help her out.

You can tell I'm a blogger because the other day I realised that I had let Bubba climb onto a slightly unstable chair that she was then perched on the edge of precariously whilst I snapped away because I thought it would be good fodder for Instagram or the blog!

I also use the photo's I take as an aide memoir because by the time I've put Bub to bed and made dinner I have almost forgotten the days events. So now I often ask hubby once we've had dinner, (especially if he missed bub before she went to bed) if he wants to see our day in photos. I like doing this as it reminds me of what mood she was in when and what silliness she got up to. I tend to take some many photos now on my phone and less with a proper camera so the images aren't always that great but I'm trying to remember to take the camera with me when out and about.

Here are a selection of what we have got upto...(its very food heavy as its the only time she really sits still now)

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