24 Feb 2013

The Baby Show 2013 - Products I liked

This weekend I braved the cold and went to The Baby Show 2013 at Excel, when we arrived it was just getting busy but even by the time we left at about 1pm it still wasn't cramped. We really had a good look around and below are the things that get my vote in 2013...

A brilliant online magazine which is jam packed with expert advice, views and news and easy to read when you are rocking only four hours sleep!
Flexi-fit seat - I'm slightly addicted to all things potty related at the moment as Bubba is starting to want to use one, so this nifty innovative product gets my vote. It fits to toilets and its adjustable so that it fits the size of bubs bum (so no more falling down the middle).

Fillnsqueeze - when I was weaning first time around it was all about filling little pots that then filled up the whole freezer. With these you can make your own puree and then fill the squeezy packets, they can then be frozen, microwaved and don't take up much room. Also what child doesn't like squeezing these type of pouches.
My Carry Potty - this is brilliant (see told you I was a bit potty mad!) and it's going to save me lots of space because lets face it, trying to squeeze a full size potty under a buggy is never easy.

WOWMOM  app is great, it's a free download and allows you to find out the nearest places that are baby friendly. It's strap line is 'maps for mums on the go' and it really is useful. Try it out and see for yourself.

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