18 Feb 2013

The phase maze

The one thing I've heard more than any other (and have also said myself) is the word phase.

"It's just a phase"
"Oh we had that phase"
"I'm sure she'll start sleeping soon, must be a phase"

Phase phase phase...that's the answer to any difficult changes. It's everyone's go to saying and if you think about it, childhood is just one big phase. They grow out of it eventually.

Our phases so far

No sleep - newborn stage, she seemed to be able to party hard and not sleep for days!

Some sleep - four hour stints when she was so little, I thought we had it good then.

Teething - ongoing which means no sleep (for any of us), lots of dribble (her), lack of appetite.

Sleeping through the night - I loved this phase and hope it comes back soon!

Eating food previously refused - She went off cheese and banana's for months on end, now she eats both with gusto again.

Refusing all her favourite foods - At one stage I had a freezer full of her favourite meals, now I wing it.

Wanting to walk everywhere - This at the time was great fun but took us an age to walk even the shortest distance.

Saying no to everything - Even when she wants to say yes, it comes out 'yes, no, yes, no NO!' as she looks longingly at whatever it is I have that she wants but is unable to say yes to.

Standing on anything - this drives me mad! She stands on magazines (why?) all the way to oven doors on a children's kitchen (which I think she then broke (sorry Amy)).

Wanting to walk nowhere - always saying 'up, up' as soon as out of buggy, she walks less now and wants to be carried more.

What about  you, what phases are your little ones going through?
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