11 Feb 2013

Valentine's Day: How to avoid a comedy of errors

The table is set, the candles are lit and dinner is ready to be served. Nothing can spoil your perfect Valentine’s Day, right? Think again! According to a recent survey conducted by Littlewoods, men and women are equally likely to mess things up for their partners on that special day. Or in our case it's a small toddler who is teething, oh how I wish we were getting more sleep these days!
After all, there are some fairly obvious blunders to be made like missing the date completely, for one. Whilst you may think it unlikely that anyone in a relationship could forget to mark the 14th February in their calendars, over half of the men and women surveyed confessed that Valentine’s Day just isn’t that important to them, which could lead to a bit of marital discord if one half of the relationship is less enthusiastic about celebrating.
Our first Valentine's together was spent squeezed into the local Cafe Rouge where we couldn't even lift your fork without hitting the couple squeezed in next to us. Hubby remembers eating something made of lamb and that he wore a blue shirt - see, he has amazing powers when it comes to remembering details!!!
If you fall into the forgetful camp, it's worth marking the date in your diary now - especially as Valentine's arrives mid-week this year (It's this Thursday if you are one of the one's who has forgotten). Make sure you haven't got any important work meetings scheduled that will make you late getting home, and if you have children, why not arrange for a babysitter to take care of them for the night? It may be a bit of an indulgence, but Valentine's comes but once a year, after all.
Forgetting to buy a gift and stopping off at the local petrol station on the way home is another common faux pas, with 1 in 3 men admitting to buying questionable gifts for their partners as an after thought. Luckily Hubby now knows better and never buys petrol station fodder.
Take note, boys: whilst a novelty car freshener might seem witty and ironic at the time, it’s not going to impress your love – 1 in 4 women admit to being disappointed by a last-minute gift, demonstrating that ladies are unlikely to be duped by a lack lustre present. Lets face it, you can spot the rushed, smash and grab approach on the day from the other half and his nervous half grin as he hands it over.
Reassuringly, however, it seems that both men and women are relatively easy to please when it comes to the Valentine's date itself, with most women choosing a 'cosy home made dinner' as their preferred date, which is what is happening for us this year. So, if all else fails, dazzling your partner with your culinary prowess is one sure-fire way to earn points for effort. I'm hoping to put my feet up and let Hubby cook (he doesn't know it yet!).
If you haven't yet bought your loved one a present, you'll find plenty of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas at Littlewoods.com for inspiration. And here's a helpful hint for all the men out there: most women I know would choose jewellery as their ideal gift! (please remember that Hubby!)
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