29 Mar 2013

Britmums - I'm on my way


I only went and booked myself a place at this years Britmums Live being held in June, this is a big step for me. Last year I watched on twitter as the awards ceremony was underway and people were congratulated on winning. I even tweeted myself that I wished I was there and at the time I vowed to myself that I'd attend next year, well I lied! This year when the conference was announced and the early bird tickets issued, I thought to myself 'Nah that's not me, I'd be too scared to go and be amonst all these well known bloggers' I felt a bit of a fraud. I have no idea why because I'm blogging and learning and enjoying so why shouldn't I go.

This week I booked myself a ticket and hotel room (yep I'm staying up London alone for a whole night) and I'm really looking forward to going. That's not to say I won't be so scared when it comes around but I'll be there and although you may see me skulking around in a corner or two (I'm not always very confident in large crowds and I'm more of a listener than a talker a lot of the time) I'll be doing it and loving it.
Promise I won't look this shocked!

So if you are going then please do watch out for me lurking and do say hello, I'm friendly once I get going.

Also the nominations are now open for the Bib (Brilliance in Blogging) awards and it really does mean a lot to those who are nominated. There are lots of categories you can vote in and even if you aren't a blogger yourself but really love a blog you follow then do go over, take a minute and make someone's day.

ps. If you want to vote for me I'd fit nicely in the family blog or the fresh voice (being only over a year old now). You can check out the categories here.

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