1 Mar 2013

Home Alone - My first time

The other day I found myself in the unusual position of being home alone for the first time properly since Bubba was born (that's almost two years ago). It hasn't been a conscious decision to never be in the house on my own, it's just that if Hubby tried to take her out and I was at home she would be yelling for me to go with her or wouldn't leave without me (besides we have fun as a three so if they go somewhere I don't want to miss out either).

So what did I do with my three hours in doors...firstly I sat and caught up on some trash tv - my guilty programme is Geordie Shore, I can't believe what they get up to but love it all the same.

I then ate some crisps and drank tea - I know, proper rock and roll stuff.

I flicked through a few glossy magazines, without small sticky fingers trying to turn the pages.

Then I got bored...so I made dinner and put the slow cooker on, I then hoovered downstairs and also clock watched until it was time to go and pick up Bubba.

I realised that all this time I have spent wishing for some time alone and feeling hard done by, it turns out that when I am alone I pine for Bubba to make a mess. I'm not sure where I went wrong but next time (if there is one!!) I might put a plan in place first so I maximise the time I have.

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