4 Mar 2013

Language Barrier

It's sometimes hard to decipher what bubba is saying now and funny the names she has for certain items. I've no idea where most come from but sometimes she seems to simplify the whole language issue and leaves me thinking 'yeah that actually makes sense'. She has more new words every day and The Mr Men & Little Miss books are her favourite at the moment and so she is repeating a lot of words from them.

Shouting 'purple balls' at the fridge the other morning left me offering her the minnie mouse ball from her toy box, daddys juggling balls (trying to teach himself to juggle) and the play dough, to no avail, it turns out all she wanted was blueberries from the fridge. Why didn't I just stop and listen in the first place!

She often calls herself 'you' and I think it's because I often show her pictures and say for instance "that's daddy and you in that picture" but still won't say her own name. If questioned further 'can you say your name?' She often looks at me like I'm dense and simply says 'yes'. So I'm really none the wiser on whether she can say it or not!

She is really working the system now: when putting her down for nap she can often be heard from other room saying "oh no dodo (dummy) gone" The first time I looked in the door to see that her 'dodo' was still in her mouth. Think she figured someone would come in and look for it!
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