14 Mar 2013

Party Pressure - Bubba's 2nd Birthday

Just like the wedding industry, kids parties are getting bigger each year. I can't remember as a child having huge elaborate cakes and party bags. What I can remember is sandwiches, balloons and various party games in our front room with my friends.

I felt the pressure as we approached bubba's second birthday to make it elaborate. Last year I made her cake and this year was going to buy one...until I found out how expensive it would be and some cakes work out more expensive than our wedding cake...although we didn't even spend that on our wedding cake.
Our wedding cake
A lot of people are going for organised parties at local fitness centres and soft play places but I've bucked the trend (& probably look really stingy) by having tea and cake on bubba's actual birthday with family. Otherwise it gets too expensive and each year I'll have to out do the year befores effort, plus it was also Mothers Day so going out anywhere would be busy or closed!

Already I've crumbled and got a cake from the bakers, looked on Pinterest for party ideas and decided on a theme. Hubby is bemused that a 'theme' is even needed and thinks we should just let the little critters run wild. I bought lots of balloons, banners and ducks galore because my girl does love a duck.

 And what was her favourite part of the day? It was squealing and jumping on balloons in her play tent with her cousins. It was lovely to watch, kept them all quiet for ages and she really enjoyed herself.

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