15 Apr 2013

Five Things - Silly things we do

After spending yet another day following my toddlers crazy demands I started to think about the strange and silly things we do without question. Below are my top five things I often stop and wonder why I'm doing it.

Dance to music like a loon on a small mat next to the back door. The song is always the theme tune from Toy Story and whoever is in the house has to dance on the mat. It gets crowded but I think Bubba does it so that she can see herself in the shiny blackness of the fridge.

This is three of us on the mat
Put on silly voices for her toys. I'm guessing this is a more standard parent silliness but it doesn't make it any less cringe worthy sometimes.  I now sometimes resort to getting Buzz Lightyear to tell her to go upstairs for her bath, it works for now so I'm sticking with it.

Sit it her playhouse in the garden. She makes me crawl into the playhouse whilst shouting "common mumma, now", now recently this has been a no go area for me with a bad back. Not silly in the least but as soon as I'm in she will often get out and go off and play somewhere else so I'm left sitting in there and because I've made so much effort to get in I stay put. It must look odd to the neighbours!

Wear silly masks. This in itself is an easy one, I don't mind watching television in my mask or doing a puzzle. What gets me is that I often find that I'm still wearing my mask long after Bubba and Hubby have removed theirs, I feel so daft because no one told me and I don't always notice its on.

Treating her hobby horse as if its real. I can often be found at the moment sitting stoking the hobby horses head, I can also trot up and down the living room on it to make Bubba laugh. If out and we have taken the horse with us, I invariably end up carrying it under my shoulder and can also make it neigh, don't judge me till you try it!!

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