12 Apr 2013

London Life

Yesterday after weeks of a bad back (me), I'm talking crawling from room to room bad back, and ill health from my immediate family (serious ill health) but on the mend type thing, Bubba and I took a trip to London.

It was a well timed and very needed journey to meet Hubby for lunch (before he starts a new job) and see some of his lovely colleagues. I was nervous because my back took another turn for the worse a few days ago and I wasn't sure if I'd manage it but we did and this is what we saw.

We waited for Hubby on Southwark bridge and then had a walk in Borough Market and I managed to buy cake as well as some Chipotle sauce. It was nice to be amongst the throngs of tourists and seeing London life through their eyes. I really miss working in London on days like this and I'm sure the shine would wear off quickly but for a brief few minutes I was able to pretend I was a free spirit again.

A lovely lunch in Zizzi followed where Bubba was so tired that she only ate a bread stick and then tried to go to sleep on me which was a little hard as the chairs aren't that roomy.

The Hubby and I had a cheeky glass of fizz to celebrate me getting there in one piece and his new job. Straight after lunch Bubba fell asleep and we had a nice sit on a bench watching the world go by.

We then got the river boat back down to Greenwich which was amazing (at first we thought it was a little pricey but once on the boat it was worth every penny). Bubba loved it and sat enchanted on daddy's lap which gave me a nice rest as well.

After the boat trip we then got the DLR and then a train home. We didn't really do anything out of the ordinary but Bubba enjoyed herself (as did Hubby and myself), it felt like a real break from the norm and we are planning similar trips in the future.
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