6 Apr 2013

Memory Book Moments - 25 Months

She can say dog and puppy but insists on calling dogs 'huff huff'

Knows all her colours really well and can say them. Only one she says a really weird word for is red...she calls it mauve.

Says 'ok' at the end of sentence all the time. Both myself and hubby say this a lot.

Obsessed with toy story 3, we watch most or parts of it daily. We also now watch the other two films and listen to the toy story song on the Disney cd. Likes the Disney castle and says 'go there now, yeah, ok?'

Looses her cool more and more now. The slightest thing can start a mini tantrum. she also asks for dodo a lot (dummy).

Goes into the kitchen in the morning and asks for 'choc tik' (chocolate) but we don't keep any in the house so this causes a meltdown 

Likes drinking out of cup with juice in it. Then likes to dip her fingers in it - last night I caught her dipping a potato croquet in it and then eating it.

As soon as my phone comes out she is on it and wanting to play with the apps (or watch you tube videos of toy story).

Saying 'no not me' if she doesn't want to do something. Also squeals if she doesn't get her own way and tries to escape.

Makes up cute nonsense songs now, usually about Gargie and nanna.

Likes pretending she's going to the shops, takes a bag and asks for money. Then walks off to the kitchen to get whatever you've asked for,

She doesn't mind nursery as much because she now has a little friend called Bella. If you ask her about Bella she will go all coy and smiles.

Loves putting boxes on her head and then saying 'in space mumma', 'bouncy space mumma' and walking around bumping into things.
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