22 Apr 2013

No Mess For Me

Messy play, or as hubby says "well that's just playing with water/paint/sand etc..." Well it's not really my thing. I like the idea of crafting with Bubba and painting but in reality I'm too highly strung for the mess involved.

This week with the onslaught of a mild case of chicken pox Bubba and I found ourselves at home. So we got the sand put out in the garden and she got to work and made a mess. Her passion at the moment is money and she will unashamedly ask anyone and everyone for pounds and monies. I was surprised how many people oblige (& let me tell you all those two's and one's add up), she has amassed quite a collection now. Well that all went in the sand and I found myself hours later still digging out money.

We then washed her money the next morning, gritty money puts my teeth on edge. She went on to spend half the morning washing play fruit and veg in her little play kitchen sink. I found myself trying to control the situation with such comments as "no we shouldn't put the material fruit in the water, oh you just did!", "erm lets not lift the sink out because you'll...oh you just covered your socks in water".

I suddenly realised, it's just water! (I know I got to that realisation a little late). It will dry and she was having a lot of fun, I was still anxious and a little annoyed if I'm honest that it wasn't a more structured thing...but she's two so I'm not sure what I expected really.

I really don't like painting because it gets everywhere and I have to have wipes to hand. Afterwards I have to sit in a darkened room to recover, mess just doesn't do it for me!

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