25 Apr 2013

This is motherhood

This right here is my baby, she will always be my baby. When she has left on her life adventures, it will be this I miss, the small baby arms wrapped around me as her little warm body rises and falls with sleep.

It's a wonderful treat now when she falls asleep on me. I don't care how uncomfortable it feels and how my legs or arms go dead. It's totally worth it and my heart is literally so full it may burst. Every instinct to love and keep safe this wonder of innocence and fun is bubbling to the surface. If I'm ever feeling ungrateful them this memory alone will bouy me up, it's the best feeling in the world.

This was accidental sleep, she woke from an hours nap unsettled so I cuddled her and this happened. Trouble is I don't want to let go of my baby. It's just the tonic after last weeks outburst when I wasn't having a good week and then Bubba got chicken pox.

This feeling, I'd like to bottle it please because it makes me feel like I'm king of the world right now. Bliss

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