24 May 2013

Breaking rules

Things don't always go to plan with little children. There was a time before bubba (& before I knew the power of Cbeebies) where I thought 'my child won't watch much tv'. Then life caught up with me, my child can sing along to some of the theme tunes and I often watch along. So below are all the reasons I should start my own 'bad mothers club' or ignore all the silly things that we all get ourselves in a twist about. I'm now shrugging my shoulders and saying 'yeah and so what if I....'

Let her sit on the sofa eating breakfast! We do this on my days off work, usually eating fruit loaf or cinnamon bagels in our jammies.

We watch far too much television and now bubba loves watching toy story from start to finish.

My child is addicted to my phone and she watches toy story clips on You Tube. She can work the phone like a pro and knows all her apps and what they do.

I take photos before I remove her from slight danger. This also works in the eye of the storm tantrums

I let her paint her own feet in the garden. It kept her interested and busy for she's and didn't take long to clear up.

Sometimes breaking the rules is good, it helps you mix things up and allows everyone to relax a little (namely me!). In the grand scheme of things are mumsnet forums going to hang me out to dry for these misdemeanour's or all own up to doing exactly the same things.
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