5 May 2013

If I weren't here...

I'm always fearful of not being around to see Bubba grow (I'm sorry for the morbid tone) but I read so many sad stories in the news of mothers leaving young children that it got me thinking. Here are a few of the things I'd want bubba to know if I weren't around...

My heart was taken the first moment I held her. I had a rough couple of weeks with breast feeding and I tried so hard, nearly lost my mind, became scared of not doing the best by her and came out the other side knowing that I was doing it all for her.

I'll always love her, to the moon and back and then some. Even that doesn't explain it, she makes my heart sing and is my reason for doing everything.

I like how she holds onto my fingers so hard when we walk along. One finger twiddles my engagement ring (which will be hers one day). I love that ring but would give it to her now if I wasn't so sure she'd swallow it!

I'm looking forward to being her best Friend. My mum is mine and the three of us will be like the golden girls or the three amigos! I want us to be able to laugh together, cry together, eat cake together and shop together.

I'm so proud of her. she's only two but I can't believe how wonderful she is (I know we all say that). She should know she is already smarter than I am and could run rings around me if only she could harness her power (who am I kidding, she already does this).

One cuddle is never enough. I have to force myself to put her down to sleep when she rests her head on my shoulder and pats my back. It turns my heart to slush. I'm a cuddle stealer now, any opportunity and I'm there like a shot as she tries to push me off!

My advice to her would be to 'be true to yourself', and not worry about what everyone else is doing. This is something I struggle with and I hope it passes her by. I hope she can shrug and say 'I'll do it anyway' when people are negative.

I love looking at her, she is so full of wonder and magic. Sometimes she catches me and I smile, knowing she will grow to be a wonderful girl. I try to take in her wonderfully long eyelashes, her soft skin and wispy blonde hair

I will always worry about her. But this shouldn't stop her doing things. I'm a born worrier (another thing I hope she doesn't inherit from me). I want her to go out and live and if something scares her, I hope she does it any way (within reason...see my worry gene again!!)

Love and take care of family first. When situations get sticky I've always relied on my family and hope she can too. Home is where the heart is and all that shizzle. It's also where the comfort and joy are too and I hope it translates to her as well

Study and learn and listen to others. These are the keys to a big wide world. Enjoy learning and you can open doors and do almost anything you want. I've always enjoyed reading and learning, it makes the world around you a more vibrant place.

Her daddy is the most important person. He loves me through tough times and good times, he understands me. He would do anything for her and only wants what's best for her. He will let her do all the things I'm scared of, like climbing on things, jumping on sofas and going head first down the slide (just taught you that one!!).

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