10 May 2013

Know I'm a parent to a toddler


I go into kitchen and pick at food she hasn't eaten (never got the chance when she was smaller as she ate everything!).

I'm always saying 'just a minute, I'm coming' as she demands something new.

I use small kitchen equipment to clear up because its close to hand (must admit that bubba likes a good clean).

I find myself on my hands and knees a lot clearing up bits of Lego, stickers or toys scattered around the room.

I managed to get myself a bad back, mainly from doing the above and picking up a toddler.

I have to negotiate on a daily basis and listening to a mini tantrum.

'No' is her favourite word (and mine).

I can no longer tell you what's in the shops because I never get the chance to browse.

Everything is done on hyperspeed, from eating my lunch (so I'm ready for her throwing food, falling off the chair or the like) to going to toilet (which is never alone anymore).

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