29 May 2013

Milestone & moments - 26 Months

Dylan the dog goes everywhere, I've looked into getting a replacement. He has his own chair at dinner, watches her have a bath and waits for her in car during nursery.

Bubba says sorry even when I've trodden on her feet. Also says please and thank you without prompting most of the time.

Gone off toy story and now loves Spider-Man. It's all about spidy and she has a sweatshirt with his picture on that she loves wearing.

She loves fruit loaf and frozen bagel. Still has two breakfasts a day.

After a very minor bout of chicken pox she is now addicted to her dummy. Most of the day she will ask for it, whereas before it was only when she was tired.

Shrugs her shoulders and makes her belly dance. She leans on furniture, she's already a tweenager in the making. The word that comes to mind is 'lolling'.

Bubba liked to dance now (wherever she is) when I sing the Spider-Man theme tune. I only know about a minutes worth so I loop it!

Exclaims 'dont like beef' when anything unidentified (meat wise) is on her plate. I told her spag boul was brown chicken and she ate the lot.

Doesn't stop talking and copies everything I say. The other day she repeated 'common luv, tank fru dare' as I berated another driver

If she doesn't get her own way she pretend cries and asks for her dummy

Has started saying she loves things. At the moment it's Spider-Man (or me).

Along with Dylan she carries two little furry dogs and a couple of happyland dogs around with her. It gets exhausting on a trip out making sure all the dogs are with us.

Says to me a lot 'miss you mummy' even if I've just gone to the kitchen

Bubba is getting more bossy and says 'gets it right now, ok!'

She likes to 'drive' now and spends at least half an hour every day sitting in the drivers seat of our car pretending she is taking me to the park to see dogs.

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