20 May 2013

My girls best friend

My darling daughter has been through a few different favourite toys, for a long time it was ducks, then toy story and now it's Dylan the Dog.

This scruffy little dog goes everywhere with her. He sits patiently while she eats her dinner, watches whilst she has a bath, plays in the garden and goes to sleep with her.

I worry that we may lose him whilst at the shops but I've made sure I know where to buy a replacement (shhhh) if needed.

Buzz & Woody cast aside
He is very good, I've even caught him wiping Bubba's nose on occasion. In my book that goes beyond the bounds of friendship.

We had an awkward time where he wouldn't stop depositing small white pellets (that's until I sewed up the hole in his leg). He is now a lot scruffier than when he started out but he is loved.

Sometimes if bubba forgets him and is having too much fun, suddenly she'll cry out for him and won't settle until he is back in her arms. It's definitely true love.
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