3 May 2013

What we've been reading

I usually read a story to Bubba every night, often it's the same old books which I have to read at least twice before bedtime. Recently I ordered a wonderful book that on opening I was met with a gorgeous array of pictures and words - as an adult I found it magical and fun because there is just so much to look at. The book is 'The High Street' by Alice Melvin.

It's the story of Sally and her trip to the high street to purchase a specific assortment of objects and the art work (because that's what it is) is detailed and amazing. I found it a treat as did Bubba and she often sits very still, almost spellbound, when I read it. It would appeal to more grown up children as well and that's what I like most about it, it isn't just a toddler book and can be enjoyed by everyone. I'm always really pleased when Bubba picks this one for story time because I enjoy reading it as much as she does.

Other books we are starting to read are 'Incy Wincy spider' by Kate Toms, mainly because Bubba likes the song and actions and this ties nicely in with that.

I'm trying to teach Bubba her numbers but at the moment she likes to count to three at most and I'm not sure she has really grasped the whole number thing yet. 'Count to 10 with a mouse' by Margaret Wise Brown is a lovely illustrated book and I'm hoping it will help Bubba to learn to count.

Have you been reading any good books? We are always on the look out for more brilliant reads.
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