17 May 2013

Why I hate the doh colours mixed

My fingers twitch and I have to keep my mouth jammed shut. Why? Because Bubba is mixing the play doh colours, it's making me feel all highly strung.

I'm not really sure why though, they are complimentary colours so look good all together. I think it could be that as an adult we are taught to keep things compartmentalized and tidy. We label things in our minds and lives in neat orderly little mental boxes. 

Children don't have the confines that we do but at what age does this change and why?

If you sit and think about it, who cares if the colours mix and what harm does it do? Yep exactly, none whatsoever. It's the art of play and exploration so it makes me sad that I try and control her responses and get twitchy when things get messed up. 

I must admit once the colours are all mixed I start to relax. I don't really care now but didn't want the lovely pristine things messy. 

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