24 Jun 2013

Britmums should be called Brilliant Mums...

I've just returned from Britmums Live and I laughed, cried and met some great people. There were lots of inspiring people and stories and I came away with a sense of belonging and a certainty that 'hope floats' to the top despite setbacks individuals face. I won't detail what I did and what I thought of the sessions because we all got different things from it and if you weren't there (well you should have been because it was brilliant). Below is a list of the things I shouldn't have worried about (and some of the things I really should have thought about before I went).

I shouldn't have worried...

About what to wear
There were so many people with so many styles from smart to very casual. I wore skinny jeans both days and didn't feel out of place (I also wore flat shoes). I really shouldn't have even given it much thought.

Will people ignore me as I'm on my own
No they didn't, these are all women (and men) doing the same thing I am and it didn't matter that I was on my own. People were friendly and I met some lovely ladies (and gents) over the two days.

That I wasn't in a clique
In fact it helped that I didn't really know anyone (other than a few interactions over on instagram etc). I got to speak to a vast array of people and I know if I'd had a wing man then I wouldn't have been so brave or glad that someone took the time to speak to me. Others might have preferred being in a group (and it's certainly not a bad thing) but I know for me it would have been my crutch and I'd not of branched out but next year, who knows!

Talking myself down
A few times on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, I heard myself saying to people that 'my blog was only small, didn't have a massive readership' whilst shrugging (as if I needed to apologise for being there). But I really shouldn't have done this, I am proud of my space and lots of the bigger bloggers started out as littler bloggers like me and even if they didn't who cares. I had every right to be there, I love this little corner on the internet and I'm doing my thang in the best way I possibly can. I shouldn't (and won't) diss myself like that again

Things I clearly should have thought about...

Taking a hair brush
Yes lovely people at Britmums Live, you had the pleasure of talking to me or standing behind me in a room and seeing my unbrushed hair. I forgot my brush and yet no one noticed or commented on my bad hair day (it wasn't that bad and you wouldn't have noticed or you might have and thought 'my gawd what has she done!')

Leaving instructions for daddy
To be fair he did a great job (and I'm not being condescending because he is fab anyway and is very hands on) but perhaps I should have written down things to remember to bring home from nursery or what food to feed Bubba (a cardigan is now missing in action and she wouldn't eat the rice on Friday night!)

My Clean eating would go out the window
I sort of thought about this, on the way there I got some apples and carried some almonds in my bag, but the gorgeous cakes and food available left me unable to resist. I also had a nervously eaten Greggs sausage roll on Friday morning because I was in a rush and forgot breakfast (well that's my excuse). Now I'm back on the wagon so lets hope I eat clean from here on in.

The heels wouldn't be needed but a warmer cardigan might have been
Some of the break out rooms were boiling hot and others were freezing cold and going between the two was a bit of a shock to the system sometimes. I only had a skinny jumper on and wished I'd left the heels at home (they really didn't see the light of day) and packed a few more layers.

Not being so smug about a potential great nights sleep
I was so happy thinking I'd have a great nights sleep, star fished across the bed, alone and wouldn't have to get up and watch spiderman on tv in the morning at some ungodly hour. As it turned out, I had a rubbish nights sleep because of cramp, sleeping in a strange and large bed and there were fireworks going off directly across the road from my room (very pretty but not conducive to sleep). I woke earlier than I do at home and because I was pining for Bubba, I watched spiderman on my own!

I'd be like a packhorse carrying the goody bag, my own bag, things I'd bought and my notes home
I think it was this little fella's fault (but don't you like the makeover hubby gave him today...made his unruly large teeth smaller, it's all about customisation).

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