17 Jun 2013

Doing Business

Although I've wanted them for a while, I've resisted getting business cards made for the blog. I wasn't sure if I was out of my depth and who I'd hand them out to (other than family). 

Seeing as I'm off to Britmums Live this week, I thought I'd get some done. I'm still not really convinced I'll end up giving any out but I know if I didn't have them I would probably decided I had needed them! As luck has it, my brother has his own digital printing business so he made some up for me (thanks bro). He also did my wedding stationary and some of my friends. 

I've kept it simple, I didn't want my picture (or bubba's) on it because it might date the cards and quite frankly I will probably have all 499 (gave the first card to my mum) hanging around for the foreseeable future.

As yet I'm not really very good at self promotion (*waves at all 6 readers of the blog). I swing wildly between feeling silly for writing this blog because its not earth shattering reading, to feeling like this will be a great thing for Bubba to look at when she's older and an investment for her future. That's assuming she will want to read it and not feel hugely embarrassed by my outpourings and pictures of her. I sometimes get caught up in the "I haven't got many readers compared to [insert most other bloggers]" but then I didn't do it to get famous so I reign myself back in and remember I do it because I enjoy it. Stats are wonderful, it's nice to see that people are enjoying what I write but really I do it for me.

So although most business cards should (according to various google searches) stand out from the crowd and be a personal reflection of the card giver, I'm coming to terms with the fact I'm quite happy not to stand out too much. You'll usually find me towards the back of a crowd, not to say I don't have my moments when I want to stand out. But I want to stand out in a subtle 'don't look at me as I'm shy' type way. So if you are at Britmums and you don't see me, look towards the back of the room, bet you I'm there holding one of my little cards.
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