4 Jun 2013

She cried because...

Below are some of the reasons she's cried today...

I wouldn't let her play with my phone (she had been on it earlier).

She didn't want to wear pretty sandals out. Instead she left the house in pink wellies

I sat next to her chair (I was actually bending down to pick up books she dropped).

I wouldn't move to the sofa she wanted us to sit on (its exactly the same as one I was sitting on).

I looked at her.

I didn't come when she shouted for me (I was getting her dinner out of the oven)

I was letting Dylan dry in the sun after she'd dunked him in the paddling pool

She wasn't allowed to drive the car!

Her dummy went missing - it was on the chair beside her!

I made her wear her hat in the sun.

We've had one of 'those' days today. Stupidly I asked her earlier "do you like mummy", she turned and looked at me with disdain and said "no" then walked away to play. Well that told me. It's difficult when all I'm doing is trying to help her.

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