13 Jun 2013

Techno Baby

This is my girl, she loves to have a go on my phone and can operate You Tube like a pro. She watches clips of Toy Story, The Gruffalo and bizarely likes watching those kinder egg type things being opened (usually they have toy story characters, hello kitty and the like in them). I used to worry that she was using the phone too much and was able to work it better than I can but I realise it's just technology and the world growing up. I can keep her from things like the TV because I watch it and the same for using apps (usually they are matching the shapes or spot the difference games), I probably use my phone too much but so do a lot of people.

It keeps her quiet and amused at trigger times, when we are in a restaurant and she has already eaten and is restless and tired, the colouring books and stickers aren't working their magic, I usually offer her my phone. Or if I need to keep and eye on her whilst I dry my hair (as the picture above).

She doesn't stay on the phone long, I monitor her the whole time - I wouldn't allow her to be on the internet without me knowing exactly what she is doing. I think it's a great extra learning tool and is the gameboy of our generation.

If I was ever unsure that it's power is a good one then the following exchange between my mum and Bubba the other day should reassure me. Bubba was showing my mum one of the matching shape games whilst we were out and about (I was just trying to finish my nearly cold cup of tea).

mum: "so what do you have to do?"
Bubba: "match dis!" - showing my mum the screen
mum: "Oh look that one is a moon"
Bubba: "nanna it's a crescent" whilst giving my mum a withering look

She has only picked that word up from the app because I would automatically call it a moon shape rather than crescent. See it teaches her something.

How often do you allow your little ones to use computers or phones to play games?
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