10 Jul 2013

Laughing in my face

So following on from an earlier post where I said my toddler wasn't too much of a Diva...erm well that's sort of changing now!

Yesterday she had an epic screamfest in the supermarket where she fancied a kinder egg and her horrible mother said no. She was indiscriminately shouting 'wants it, I WANTS KINDES EGGIE' to anyone who'd listen and squirming out of my (somewhat tight) embrace as I tried to look like I was in control. I wasn't and she knew it. People at the tills around me all had a good gander at the squawking child wanting chocolate. I grew red faced and flustered, luckily my parents where there and my mum whisked Bubba away whilst I paid, I wouldn't like to think how it would have ended if she hadn't because I was trembling and a bit tearful by that point.

At home Bubba has been pushing her boundaries further and further and I've resorted to the naughty corner. It's not working yet and she just gets up and runs off or worse, just sits there having a proper belly laugh at my expense! I've taken to sitting next to her and putting my hand out if she tries to get up and trying not to look at her and even worse, I try not to laugh. It can be at times so funny and she looks so cute that I have to turn away to disguise a smile. Yesterday she got the message and told me "this not nice mummy" as she was waiting in the naughty corner. Last week we didn't fare so well and I ended up sitting in the naughty corner crying after she had given up and ran off.

If I tell her it isn't funny she just laughs in my face saying "yes it's funny mummy" and she carries on with whatever it is she fancies. She attempts to hit as well although her aim isn't that good (yet) and not even in an angry way, just a giggling 'lets throw a punch' type way. I'm not sure if it's coming from nursery (two days a week) or if this is standard toddler stuff but I don't like it and don't want it getting out of control.

I know it's important for her to learn but all I seem to be saying is no and threatening to take away something she has or loves. Clearly annoyed at my threats of taking her dummy away as she repeatedly kept climbing on the TV cabinet, she just handed it to me and tried to carry on. So I've got to start thinking outside the box on that one. Am I flogging a dead horse? Is she still too young or do I have to just keep at it?

I'm sure she understands because she often puts a toy in the naughty corner and copies what I've told her - explaining what the condemned object has done wrong and to sit there until she goes to get it. Last night Mr Tumble sat there all night...perhaps that's where I'm going wrong!
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