19 Jul 2013

Lets talk about shopping

Dear Bubba,

I want to tell you about my love of shopping (yup not very deep, I know). I used to love, love, love going shopping: meeting friends, wandering aimlessly through rails of clothes, someone would suggest going to try stuff on and off we'd all trot. Then after a cake break I'd happily go home and try my haul on...bliss.

I hope my beautiful girl that you grow up to appreciate such simply pleasures. Because right now, you aren't loving it so much. You seem to want to run in the opposite direction, you pull clothes off rails and you like to cry if it starts to get boring. As a consequence, I too dislike shops now, it's so stressful!

I look forward to the day when we can shop together, grab a coffee and talk about your life and the exciting things you may be doing at the time, very much like my mum and I used to do. Now when I shop with my mum she invariably says 'I'll take Bubba and you go have 10 minutes look' and off she is dragged in the opposite direction by my excitable toddler (that's you Bubba).

I now appreciate the simple pleasure of food shopping alone, it feels wrong that you aren't there trying to pull pints of milk off a shelf or trying to pick out the eggs for me..one by one but I can shop so quickly. I never liked food shopping, perhaps that's where you are at right now but you'll learn that its a necessary (unlike soft play, I'm still not a fan of that no matter what, unlike you who would live at soft play if you could).

Money is also something I used to appreciate having and now miss greatly, especially when it comes to shopping. From pocket money to my first job money, it was mine, all mine and I could be as frivolous as I wanted (and no that didn't mean buying another Nemo toy even though you already have one and then having a tantrum about it...seem familiar?!?)

But the most surprising thing I now find is that shopping not for myself but for you is very satisfying and something (money permitting) I could do all day long. I never thought I'd of said that and yet here I am looking at things quite possibly you don't need but I want for you. What? I can't help it, I still secretly love shopping!

Love Always
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