18 Jul 2013

Milestones and Memories

My girl is growing up fast now and at 2yrs 4 months it seems to be going faster.

She loves to repeat everything I say. People often don't believe she is only two and a bit because she is clear and concise with her language

She re enacts scenes from monsters inc, her current favourite. Actions and all...not so endearing at 3am!

Bubba is getting so bossy and will tell random children whilst out "stop shouting".

I get told off a lot by her now too, in an eye rolling 'what on earth is mummy doing now?' Way

She talks incessantly and helpfully narrates every situation for me now 'look mummy, you driving down road and dog is with man walking away "woof woof" he looks happy and isn't the sun shiny and bright. No rain here'

Bubba has started to advise me on what to give her for breakfast. Usually fruit loaf.

Helpfully she now wakes at 5.30 am and so it means we get extra long days. I'm hoping this is just a phase.

We are (hopefully) moving soon and bubba has caught wind of this and often asks to go see the new house. She sobbed the other day when I pulled up outside our house because she wanted to go to the new house.

She is always making her animals look for their mummy. She's a little obsessed with animals and their mums. We still take a collection out with us of either horses, dogs or wild animals. Never just one but always at least three!

The diva moments are happening more now and she gets put in the naughty corner (mostly with limited success) but these are thankfully few and far between still.
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