22 Jul 2013

Moving Mayhem

We are on the move and within a month (hopefully) we'll be in a new house and starting a new adventure. Bubba asks to go see the new house and we took her to see it the other day, she walked around like she owned the place and seemed to be really comfortable.

Although I'm glad to be moving as its time to move from our 'couples' house to a family home, I can't help but feel sad. I look around and this house has so many memories of bubba growing up so far and I look at her little room which is safe and cosy and my heart breaks. We came back to this house from the hospital with a newborn and we were so scared to now where I have a rampaging toddler going into every room and seemingly demolishing it.

We will start new memories in another house but for now I'm mourning the fact she may not remember this house. Our wonderful home that saw us start an adventure as a couple, then an engaged couple to a married with a baby family.

Hope the new house treats us well, now lets get back to the packing because I've been pretty rubbish on that front so far.
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