15 Jul 2013

Mummy Matters

This month I share with you a mum I first found on Instagram and her photo's are brilliant. She also makes some wonderful plaques here (got my eye on getting one very soon). Please go say hello as she is a very talented lady.


Name: Karen

Bubba name: Evan & Toby

How old is your little one? Evan is 4, Toby is almost 2

How has motherhood changed you? 
Before motherhood I think I was a lot more selfish.  Now, no matter what happens my first thought is how it will affect the boys. I also think it's given me much more compassion and understanding when it comes to others.  Being a Mum, especially to more than one child is a real eye opener I think and it's meant I need to be able to adapt quickly to situations. 

What items are in your handbag (baby related)?
In my bag I always have spare nappy, wipes and tissues and normally a fruit bar and/or a box of raisins.  You can also normally find an assortment of happy land figures and a toy car or two!
I also have a specific folder on my iPad with toddler games on it and although I don't like them spending too much time on it, every now and again it can be a lifesaver if we are held up at an appointment or stuck in traffic!

What things could you not live without?
Are there any time saving things that help you. Any groups or people that make life easier?
Not so much now but when both boys were little I went to a breast feeding peer support group and actually trained and became a peer supporter myself.  I found the advice and understanding invaluable and even if I didn't need any advice, just being with other ladies who knew what it was like to be up feeding every hour some nights was a huge comfort!

Any good advice you received (or could give)?
My Mum told me that when I had children I would learn not to sweat the small stuff, I never forgot that and she was right.  No matter how stressed I am or how much of a rush I'm in I try and remember that spilled milk or raisins trod into the carpet really aren't the end of the world.  She also told me to appreciate them as babies and I try and keep that in mind too.  Some nights we read 4 bedtime stories, probably more now I have 2 children but I don't mind.  I know the time will come all too soon when they are too big for snuggles on the sofa and bedtime stories from Mummy and I want to treasure this time as much as I possibly can.

Do you use any good books or websites that you’d like to share to help you?
Not really but I do have a group of close friends that I use to run symptoms by if I'm not sure what I'm dealing with

Describe your life now in one word:


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