27 Jul 2013

What I've been upto...

It's been quiet around here lately, I've found I haven't got enough to say for myself, we are in the midsts of moving and within this chaos I've decided to start a little venture. I like to pick my moments! Like getting married at nearly six months pregnant and then having a conservatory constructed just after returning from honeymoon. Stressed much...

Well now I've started a little business, it's only small but from very young if you'd have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said "self employed" not sure I knew what that meant but my dad was self employed so it was what I wanted to be as well. For the last five years I worked for my dad and it almost feels like I'm at the edge of self employed but now I've started a little side business.

My love for notebooks, stickers, paper and pretty stationary is big with my hubby often saying 'I've just found another empty notebook here?' as I show him another one I've just bought. Now I have a bigger love, Washi Tape and if you belong to Instagram or look in craft magazines it's all over the place - my Pinterest feed is awash with washi! I recently put my jam jar make on here...

I decided I couldn't find what I wanted and how I wanted it so decided to start selling little kits I made myself and also individual washi and masking tape sets, with a view to moving into more paper products as and when. Friends would ask what did I do with washi and they didn't know where to start so I made up a starter kit and found it's also great for kids to get into craft as well. On a rainy day just bring out the kit and bosh! a few hours of crafting in one place (rather than searching around for different bits and then having to pack it all away afterwards).

So after all this waffling, please be upstanding for 'DollyMix Design', it's very much a work in progress as I add more bits to my ebay and facebook shops. The kits can be found at my new Etsy shop and everything is 'DollyMix Design' whether its instagram, facebook, ebay or Etsy.

Please do come over and say hello and tell me if there is anything you would love to see in a kit or what I can help you find.

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