5 Aug 2013

Am I holding Bubba back...

For a while now I've been thinking of moving Bubba to a big girl bed (or rather just taking the sides off her cot). She seems happy with the current arrangement but I was feeling the pressure that she is over two and still in a cot. There is no particular rush for us, she hasn't climbed out and wrecked her room in the night, she doesn't ask for the bars to be gone but I don't know if I should have done it by now.

I courted Twitter and Facebook to see if it was a good idea, I had varying suggestions on what to do, a lot of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" type comments and others were "we moved X when she was 15 months and she was fine with it". So I'm still in two minds as to what to do, it's not imperative that we change but I'm going on peer pressure and at what age others moved their babies.

It's the same for potty training, I always said I'd wait until this summer before having a go at it but at the moment I really can't muster up the courage to try and summer is nearly been and gone. Bubba doesn't seem that bothered either way, she is aware of what she is doing and when and sits down on the potty fully clothed but doesn't want to attempt a proper 'go' on it.

Nappies are easy, no rushing to find a toilet and no messy accidents awaiting me but I still get the sense that I might be doing her a disservice. It's so difficult to judge whether I am doing something for the right reasons. Is she ready or am I holding us all back?

What about dummies, she only has one for naps and in the middle of the night but it's been creeping up and after a few tantrums out and about we've resorted to giving in and she's had the dummy during the day. I've never been keen on her having it all the time and as she gets older I'm aware of other children at her nursery (who don't have one) and I want to wean her off but when is best to do this?

When they are younger you are faced with indecision like "what does that cry mean?" or "could she be ill because she didn't eat?" but now I have dilemmas of how much I should be letting her do, is it right that I explain everything to her and we often have high brow (as high brow as a toddler can get mind you) conversations. Should I let her climb on potentially iffy things knowing she may fall but having to let her try because that's what you do, I'm still not as good at this as hubby who lets her try lots of climbing up the slide the wrong way maneuvers whereas I usually stop it before it's started.

She has a love of heels!
I don't want her to be a wimp but am I encouraging a daredevil whilst trying to keep her a baby by not moving her to a bed! This parenting lark doesn't get any easier does it and the older they get the more grey areas there are....

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