14 Jan 2016

Green Toys Tugboat review - An update

****This tugboat is still going strong two years later and is played with every bathtime by both children, It's lasted and is clean inside. Highly recommend still*****

When I sent Hubby to collect a parcel from two doors down (I thought it was something he'd ordered) I had no idea what was in the box. I got rather excited when I opened the Tugboat sent from Learning Resources as it is vibrant and colourful, I wanted to play with it, let alone letting Bubba loose with it.

It's a green toy and 100% recycled with no BPAs or harmful stuff. Over the years I've come to hate the bright plastic cheap feeling toys (which are hard to escape!). This feels different, it's sturdy without feeling clumsy and that makes it a quality product. The cardboard packaging is great too, it's not covered in tags, ties and bits of plastic. Bubba even uses the packaging as a dogs bed now.

Bubba was already in bed when I unpacked the TugBoat so I had to wait until the morning before she saw it. The first thing she did was use it as a boat for her dogs (she is obsessed with dogs) and her only complaint seemed to be that she couldn't pull the top off and get her dogs inside the boat. Teasingly you can see a little seat, wheel and detailed front panel. The detail involved adds a nice touch and allows for more imaginative play.

Since then we've used it in the bath and it pours really well and floats (I've been amazed in the past, buying 'bath toys' that then don't float...what's that all about). We use it for the dreaded hair wash and the novelty has kept the tears at bay and because it has a large spout, it gets rid of the soap suds quickly too. It's also going to make it out into the paddling pool if the weather gets better again (we have rain here today).

I would recommend this toy wholeheartedly and think it would make a great present for a little one. Even better is that Learning Resources are doing free delivery until 31st December 2013 when you use the discount code: BLOGGER13 at checkout.

I was sent a tugboat for review but all opinions are my own
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