11 Aug 2013

I'll never get used to...

The way you smile at me
It's cheeky, loving and knowing all at the same time. It says mischief all over it and the twinkle in your eyes makes my heart melt. It is a special feeling to get one of those smiles and sometimes I have to work hard to get it, other times you shower me with loads. Never get bored of them

You being unwell
My heart stays torn the whole time, I get protective and feel so helpless. This is when I really know I'm a mum and good at my job because I feel I would move heaven and earth to make you well again. Long nights of no sleep and days full of a restless girl mean nothing (sometimes I hardly notice I feel so tired) I just want you better. Every time you become unwell, it takes me aback and I worry and worry and worry, I hope I never have to get used to this.

The giggles
The belly laughs that fill a room with your delight. It fills my heart and makes my spirits soar, especially when it can be over the silliest, simplest thing I've done. It's best when we laugh together and share a joke.

How you are growing up
I see pictures now and you seem so grown up, your hair is longer and those baby wisps have turned into beautiful curls. Those little chubby legs are now strong and sturdy and getting longer by the day. The words and conversations that you inspire and amaze me with. You'll always be my baby.

Your adventurous streak
I can't really attribute this to me, its part toddler, part your daddy's influence - you both have the ability to look at a situation and think 'yeah let's give this a go' whereas I'm more 'lets look at it and think about what could go wrong.' I'm hoping as you grow you will be able to show me how to cut loose a bit more.

The amount of love I have for you
With each day, hour and minute I fall more and more in love with the little girl you are turning into. I think I know you and then 'bam!' you show me another side to your character and sense of humour. Sometimes you show me your strength of will and stubborness and that too makes me love you more (after I've got over the initial shock of being challenged by a two year old!).

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