28 Aug 2013

It's you, not me...

Dear morning sickness,

Sorry to say this but I really don't want this relationship to continue. This time it's not me, it's you! I don't care for your ability to make me turn away from food I love, you are harsh to me. I love my tea but can't stomach milk and most dairy because of you (I can even feel ill with hidden dairy in food, like butter or splash of milk in mash). Yes my 'retchometer' is that sensitive.!

You leave me queasy as I walk along, bend down to pick up my daughter and as soon as I wake in the morning. It's the constant reminder that you 'could' make me ill at any moment that really gets me down. I can't understand those lucky women who get a touch of sickness and it goes after three months, last time you stayed with me until at least six months. I understand you were enjoying your time with me but alas I wasn't so keen. I do however have to thank you that I was lucky it wasn't worse as I really feel for women who get it really bad.

I suppose I should also give you a big thanks though because the end result was pretty damn spectacular...I got a gorgeous girl, lets hope you're just as good to me this time.
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