21 Aug 2013

Moving with a Toddler

How to move with a toddler without loosing your mind....

1) Don't threaten (jokingly or otherwise) to put your small child in a box or crate. They will love the idea and the novelty with wear off for you long before it does for them.

2) Packing up toddlers possessions. Don't do this too early, the child will freak out and also unpack as much as you pack. Also related to above point, they will unpack and then climb in box, ignoring the very toys they had a hissy fit over

3) Buy a book on moving. Ours has stickers and a lovely story with the new neighbours providing a chocolate cake...bubba thinks we'll get a cake from neighbours now. 

4) Take your child to see the new house and if they are anything like ours they will run amok. That's good because we found out the problem (danger) areas early on and can prepare.

5) Get them to help pack. Ok so she takes out more than she puts in but that's ok because she is eager to help and that can only be a good thing.

6) Make sure grandparents or a distraction is in place on the day. Bubba is going to see the movers arrive and start putting our stuff on the van but then she is going to be whisked away to nanny and gaga. Otherwise she'll talk the removal men into submission...she loves a chat with someone who is supposed to be doing other things.

7) Get a moving in present. I've lined up a sylvanian family house and a few families (courtesy of my mum) for bubba when we arrive. That way she'll be distracted whilst we unpack and the house will have brought her a special present. I'm also a little excited to play with the Sylvanians but sshush don't tell! My moving in present will be a big dirty curry and a sit down at the end of the day.

8) Take their toys seperately. Apart from the fact they'd take up all our crates it means when we arrive I can dump toys in her new room and downstairs ready for her. That way I won't have to scramble through crates and she'll take comfort in seeing her things early. Plus it allows more crate room for my shoes...upside for everyone.

9) Tag team it. I've mostly packed bits as I went along whilst bubba ate a snack or watched a bit of tv but for the big stuff we tag teamed it at weekends. Hubby emptied the shed whilst I played with bubba, I did the bathroom whilst they did jumping on the bed!

10) don't loose your sense of humour. It's only moving, it's exciting like going on holiday but forever!!! Well that's what I'm still trying to tell myself...stressed, moi?

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