26 Sept 2013

and then this happened....

As I've written before, I haven't had the best time lately with morning sickness and feeling low but this week that all changed. We had our 12 week scan and I was beyond nervous first thing in the morning, we were running late (as usual) and after dropping Bubba off at my parents we made it with seconds to spare.

We heard those words that all expectant parents want to hear "there is a strong heart beat and only one baby". I relaxed and then reveled in watching the little squib on the screen, I hadn't expected to feel so star struck again seeing the tiny hands, feet, and face of our potential baby. Once again it's struck me how amazing the whole process is and how we are privileged to have got this far.

The Sonographer mentioned that our baby wasn't 'very dynamic' as it just lay there with one hand behind its head, one leg bent up and the other stretched out. It didn't want to move from its obviously comfortable pose no matter what the lady did, I was reclined further on the bed, she bounced my stomach to get the baby to move....nothing. Then it reluctantly rolled slightly onto its side and then back to the position it had started but this time crossing its little legs. It's funny because compared to Bubba who looked like a jumping bean on the screen the first time we saw her, this one seems to be displaying more Hubby like characteristics. So I'm hoping that this one might be a little more relaxed although having a bit of spirit like Bubba isn't a bad thing.

I'm now more excited than scared and no longer wondering whether this is the right time, can I handle it, should we be doing this. My maternal instincts have well and truly kicked in and I would fight tooth and nail to make sure this baby has the best chances. I'm looking forward to being a mum of two, roll on the new year.
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