29 Sept 2013


My toddler fell asleep on me twice today which is now unheard of unless she is unwell. The fist stint at 10am left me teary when she woke 45 minutes later, it's such an honour that she uses me as a human pillow now. I realised that these days will soon pass and next year I'll have another needing small person taking her place on my squidgy belly. 

She has a runny nose but has seemed in good spirits when I've not been wiping at her nose. So it didn't seem she was that unwell.

The second time she fell asleep was at 4.10pm, the nightmare time that's too close to bedtime and yet she wouldn't have made it through to bedtime. This time I enjoyed the snuggles (but not the snoring) but felt anxious and had a little cry. It's the second day she has fallen asleep really early (10.30am yesterday and 10am today) which for my toddler is out of character. I usually have to convince her she needs a nap.

I got upset because I instantly thought she wouldn't sleep tonight and her whole sleep rythmn had been disrupted. Hubby had to calm me down as I panicked and we ended letting her sleep for 20 minutes.

She did go to sleep tonight but now I'm worried she will be up in the night (not an uncommon thing for us at the moment). I'm also worried she may wake up at silly o'clock (4.45am this morning). My anxiety levels are high but I'm not sure why, she's a toddler, this is what they do!

When Bubba was tiny I had a few issues where I got very anxious with her crying. I worry how I will cope with two children, less sleep and more worry. Anxiety overload.
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