20 Sept 2013

Easy Meals - ultimate comfort food

The all in one, ultimate comfort meal in a dish - sausage bake...

You may look at the photos and think 'not that appetising' but if you are anything like me you will think, winter, easy to prepare and not much to clear up...excellent.

I used to make the boyfriend (who became husband, so it can't be that bad!) a sausage and bean bake. It was actually the first meal I cooked him in my little kitchen at my flat. He looked in awe as I pulled out a bubbling sausage extravaganza. It's a winner on a cold evening, it reminds me of all things bonfire night.

This time I've added a twist (as before I used to cut up fried sausages and added them). I used sausage meat as my base and added the layers on top.
I lined individual dishes with sausage meat (I only used two chipolatas each) and put these in the oven to brown.

Next came a layer of fried (dry fried) onions and on top of that a layer of baked beans.
Finally I added a layer of mash (only using two small potatoes) cracked an egg in the middle but next time I might just fry an egg seperately and add on afterwards

Voila, grate a bit of cheese on top and put in the oven until it's bubbling and cooked. We served ours with some veg to try and maintain a bit of healthy living (who am I trying to kid!) But this is essentially a cooked breakfast bake and although I'm no longer a student, I relished every mouthful of this wholesome bake.
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